basketball-bodyOne of the greatest ways to lose weight is by doing an activity that will be fun to do, an activity that you’ll enjoy doing and get motivation from.

Basketball is a good way for many people to shed the excess pounds as it incorporates high intensity bursts that are very effective at burning fat and increasing the rate of one’s metabolism.

And since the game of basketball has been escorting us since we were kids it makes no sense not to incorporate it in to our adult life and staying fit doing something we love.

By engaging high intensity activities we’re keeping our cardiac, muscular, and skeleton systems in balance, the key in basketball is the sprinting and jumping we are forced to do while we play.

Jumping is a wonderful way to work on your lower body; it strengthens your calf, hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps and your bones. The secret in jumping involves around its mechanism, whenever we jump we are activating all of our muscles to explode up and once we land our skeleton and muscles has to cope with a massive load. This process stimulates the human body to keep our muscles and bones at optimal levels and not degenerate over time.

A great training program for anybody who engages in basketball is Jacob Hiller Jump Manual since it increases your vertical leap and helps you lose fat at the same time. An excellent demonstration of the jump manual is available on where a guy who did an experiment went from a 25 inch vertical to a 40 inch vertical while dropping from 205 lb to 175 lb after the age of 30, thus killing two birds at simultaneously.

Jump-manualThe same thing can be observed in his Jump Manual review on youtube, which confirms that this program can fit not only young and conditioned athletes, but also normal people who are just looking to get leaner and stay healthy while the years go by, and perhaps make a dream come true and even dunk one day.

From the beginning the jump manual system was created to help sustain athletes in their top notch performance but if we conduct ourselves the same way basketball players do we can’t get wrong. Obviously it’ll need to be done gradually but by the end of the day if you adopt this type of training and lifestyle you can’t fail.

As I said earlier sprinting is another secret which makes basketball such an effective game for losing fat. You see, sprinting is a lot more efficient than long hours of cardio for increasing your metabolism at rest because unlike jogging, it heavily loads on all of the body’s systems as well as cleans the lymphatic system much better, and jump manual by Jacob Hiller has additionally focused on that in its workouts.