Using workout DVDs are a great way to get or keep fit, lose weight and live a healthy life. These DVDs offer an extremely convenient way to get a great workout on a regular basis. Just put the DVD in the player, press the play button and you’re on your way to getting in some great shape. You really don’t need to get in the car, drive to the gym to have a long training session with the convenience of a workout DVD. The best thing about that is you don’t even need to worry about what you have on as there is nobody other than you and the trainer.

First thing though you’ll have to decide which type of workout DVD is best for you. Here are some useful tips to make the most of your money when you decide to buy one.

You can choose between DVDs that offer resistance and strength training, or you can choose one that is more of a cardiovascular workout. Some of the DVDs like P90x actually include both. The DVD you choose will have a dramatic difference on the results you have, so make sure to figure out what you want.


Ask yourself the following questions:

What are my goals?
Would I like to put on lean muscle or am I looking more to lose fat?
What kind of time frame do I have in mind?

The answers to these questions will determine which DVDs you’re likely to choose. Let me outline a couple of my favorite workout DVDs that have tons of great reviews all over the net.

1. P90x: What a great all around fitness DVD this is. You’ll not only be building strength by using weights, but you’ll also have an extremely intense cardiovascular training program. The P90x program will require a 90 day commitment if you want the best results. One great thing about this is that it will include a nutrition guide that will help you better understand proper eating habits. If you follow it you’ll definitely lose weight and build lean muscle. Needless to say that if you follow this program to the letter you will get in awesome shape.

2. Insanity: This is more of a cardio workout, but it also incorporates a lot of strength training exercises. The great thing about this program is that you won’t need to buy any type of equipment. Just be ready to sweat heavily when doing this workout. If you follow this it’s designed for a 60 day period.

Thinking about one of these two but not sure which, we actually explain the difference between P90X vs Insanity in more detail on our site to help you make a better decision. Check it out.

3. Hip Hop Abs:This is the new fitness craze that is taking the nation by storm. There is a great reason for that as well… It’s absolutely a great time and you’ll burn tons of calories doing it. You’ll be able to literally dance the pounds off. Honestly what better than to dance, and lose weight? There is no real set time line for this program, but I can assure you that the Hip Hop Abs workout is a great time and you’ll be able to lose huge amounts of extra body fat with this workout.

Just think about the goals that you’re looking to accomplish when choosing a workout DVD. If you ‘d like to see more information and reviews on other programs as well, visit our site at